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Facebook Marketing Service

An innovative team of young and creative individuals, Web Wizers is built around a core belief that social media is the new gateway for reaching your consumer demographic. The Internet is both the future and the answer.

We want to make sure that your business isn’t left in the dust. We will apply our expertise and our abilities to work with you and your business towards utilizing social networks like Facebook to complete your marketing goals.

Facebook boasts a membership base of 800 million people across the globe. Facebook has grown at an unprecedented momentum, gaining 200 million new and active users within one year. To put that into perspective, Brazil, the largest country in South America, currently has a population of 192 million people.

Web Wizers offers you the expertise and capabilities necessary to ensure that your Facebook page is making lasting connections and converting fans into brand loyalists. Our team integrates your brand goals and mission with each component of your Facebook page.

Offering a multitude of services for Facebook marketing, the Web Wizers team evaluates the needs of your business to ensure a superior social presence.

From the start of each campaign, Web Wizers targets particular needs to build tactics for your company. Along with optimizing your Facebook fan page, a landing page and custom tabs are designed and implemented. Tabs are regularly refreshed to promote constant engagement and activity from fans on the business fan page.

Some capabilities available for custom tabs: